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Who is a 1st Rounder?

The MLB Draft took place about a month ago.  Much of what we read and see about the players drafted centers around their physical skills- hitting ability, fastball velocity, spin rates, exit velo, etc.  Unsurprisingly, the top round is littered with highly skilled players.  But who are these players?  Who are they beyond the metrics?  Scouts, player development staff, mental skills coaches, and others do a deep dive into the character of the players leading up to the draft.  Not a lot is specifically written about the topic, but we know it can factor into the decisions made by organizations.  With that, I came up with the idea of looking up articles on each of the 2020 first-rounders to see if there were common themes.  Here's how it worked.

         I initially searched for articles about each player on The Athletic.  For some players, there were solid articles.  For a couple, there were even more than one.  Others did not have much of anything so I also did a Google sear…

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