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A Different Approach to Teacher Retention

Teacher retention is a hot topic in education.  More and more articles are published talking about potential teacher shortages due to issues with recruitment and retention.  The common solutions are pay teachers more, and give us more respect.  While I wouldn't turn away an increase in salary, I think we are missing the mark.  Teachers don't get into the professions for the pay.  It doesn't seem right to me to then blame it for why we're leaving.  In a field where we are tasked with the role of helping students to use logic in decision making, that comes up short.  A teacher in the article I read yesterday suggested that teachers "should be treated like rock stars."  She's close, but I think teachers should instead be treated like elite athletes.  Before you go there, let me stop you.  I'm not saying we should be paid millions of dollars.  What I'm saying, rather, is teachers should be treated like elite athletes when it comes to training …

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