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Lighting Flames: Challenges in HS Athletics: "I Win, or You Cheated"

One of the things that is great about my position at our school is I get the opportunity to work with a really wide range of students in a variety of different arenas.  We have four sections of sport psychology, I work with a group of academic classes and performance groups, and I also get to help with quite a few of our athletic teams.  In working with so many themes tend to emerge.  That got me thinking about some of the common challenges I see with student-athletes.  The term choice of challenge is purposeful.  Our perspective is everything.  "Problem" = negative, "Challenge" = opportunity.  You see, I try to subscribe to the message behind a quote from Harvey Dorfman, "Instead of cursing the darkness, light a flame."  In other words, instead of just complaining figure out a solution.  If it's something you aren't able to have any influence over, let it go instead of allowing it to consume you.  Something I have to continuously work on…

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