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A Missing Link in Player Development: A Position Idea

It's been said that "player development is the new Moneyball."  More and more teams are investing increasing amounts of resources in the area.  Soon to be behind us are the "sink or swim" days of players either making it or not.  While there is still much to be said for talent acquisition, teams are using resources to help with talent development as well.  Those resources are seen in areas like strength and conditioning, mental skills and mental health, nutrition, analytics, and technology.  They're being implemented from the Major League level all the way down to the Dominican Academy level.  Some organizations even work to create individualized plans for player development based on current skills and needs.  It is an exciting time for the sport.  With that, I think a majority of teams are overlooking a missing link in player development investment.  It is a facet of development that has been around since the beginning of sports and, although ever-…

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