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Welcome to my blog on the Mental Side of Sports.  Over the course of the last three years or so, I have developed an enthusiasm for sport psychology.  My interest started when I read Harvey Dorfman's The Mental Keys to Hitting.  The head coach at the high school where I coach (who I also played for) has impressed upon me that there is always more out there to learn, and I wanted to read something that would help me become a better baseball coach.  What I found in the book was much more.  As I read Dorfman's seemingly limitless wisdom, I found myself thinking over and over again, "Man, I wish I had known that when I played," or "I wish somebody had told me that when I played.  That would have really helped me."  I decided then to research the field of sport psychology because chances are there were countless athletes out there who felt the same way.

My sports background is almost entirely in baseball.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play at Winthrop University for two nationally ranked, regional teams.  Although I consider myself to have been a hard worker, I think the mental side of the game held me back from being as good a player as possible and know it robbed me of some the enjoyment of playing such a great game.  My two major goals in sport psychology are to help current and future athletes perform at their peak level and to enjoy the sporting experience as much as possible.

I am about halfway done with my master's degree in sport psychology and hope to be finished either late next spring or early in the summer.  My goal is to transition into the field full time over the next year or two.

In short, I have a lot to learn.  Even after reading several books, speaking with people who have had great success in sport psychology, and taking classes I feel like the surface has only been scratched with what there is to know about the mental side of sports.  I do think I know enough and have experienced enough to be able to help athletes, coaches, and parents out there.

What I am hoping to accomplish with this blog is to combine my experiences as a player and coach with what I learn and to help all who need it.  Please give me feedback...both good and bad!  Also, let me know what direction you would like to see the blog go.  Do you want advice?  Do you want to hear about my experiences?  Do you want specific activities and exercises to use?  I would like to give the blog as much value as possible for the reader.  I welcome all feedback with open arms and hope you enjoy the blog.

Questions?  Please feel free to contact me at  I'd also like to invite you to follow me on Twitter @Coach_Ehrlich.  I post links to new blog entries on there and am always looking to connect with other baseball minds.


Coach Ben Ehrlich


  1. Congratulations on starting the blog! I'm looking forward to hearing your insights regularly, and also following your progression into the sports psych field full-time!

    Ryan Faer

  2. Thanks RJ! I appreciate it. Hopefully people will find value in the blog. Please feel free to let me know anything you'd like to see me address. #WinNow


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