B is for Belief

        B is for Belief.  Belief, as defined by Webster, is a feeling of trust in the worth or ability of someone.  The word trust is crucial to performance.  A pitcher who trusts all of his pitches is dangerous in his ability to disrupt the timing of the hitter.  A hitter who trusts his ability to get to the fastball in doesn't have to cheat to it and thus expose himself to other pitches in other quadrants of the plate.  Without that trust, or belief, the mound can be a lonely place for the pitcher.  The hitter without belief may have just as good a chance of success by going up to the plate empty handed.  The belief of a coach in a player can often lead that player to reach to heights previously thought unimaginable.  That belief also allows the player to perform with a freedom of knowing he doesn't have to constantly look over his shoulder for fear of the coach's wrath.

        Belief is huge for any athlete to perform to his/her peak ability.  The most valuable belief comes from within.  If I trust I am good at something, it ultimately does not matter what anyone else thinks.  In fact, athletes who are dependent on others as a constant source for belief are likely going to be feel unfulfilled and consistently inconsistent.  Trust me, I'd know (see my very average college career).  On the other hand, athletes with an unrelenting belief in themselves are going to be dangerous.  They are going to be able to push through the tough times and enjoy much more good than bad.  Players with varying degrees of ability fit the mold.  They could be superstars or the "overachievers" who seem to exceed the visible physical skills present to the eye.  They have a way of rising to the occasion and of outperforming the expectations of others.  Even more dangerous than the individual who believes in himself is the team that believes in its self.  We have all seen them before.  They have someone different step up every night, win in a variety of ways, and somehow again outperform the expectations of others.  To these types of teams, what others think is irrelevant.  They are special, and the belief in each other is evident in the way they play. These teams pick each other up after a bad at-bat or pitch, don't point fingers, and they seem to truly enjoy each other's successes.

        So what can you do to build this belief in yourself?  You earn it.  Prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more.  There is no secret formula.  Allow yourself to push your boundaries and to see how good you can be.  Take chances with the understanding that it is only through failure that we can grow.  Then, you'll be that dangerous player nobody wants to face.  Then, you'll be that special team who achieves what you work so hard to achieve.

SOTD for B:  "I Believe In a Thing Called Love"- The Darkness

        Got a different B for me?  I'd love to hear from you with what you have.  Please reach out either via Twitter or through email ehrlichb1@gmail.com.  Until then, I'll "C" you tomorrow!


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