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Coaching in a Snapshot Society: A Threat or an Opportunity?

         I've been thinking about it a lot lately, "We live in a snapshot society."  Every time there's a controversial coaching moment, it's blasted all over social media.  "They should be fired!"  "Kids today are just soft!"  A Twitter bot may chime in every once in a while, reminding us to tune into live coverage of the JV water polo game (if you're a HS coach, you know what I'm talking about...).  The tendency to evaluate coaches based on real-life snapshot moments has spread too.  Coaches can get crushed because of a moment's lapse in judgment or loss of control.  It's easy to say this isn't fair.  It probably isn't.  Maybe it seems like there’s a threat in every moment of coaching, but I think it's important to consider another perspective. There’s an opportunity.         There is incredible power potential, opportunity, in every moment a coach has to impact those they coach, particularly young people, for the

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