It's a Function of Making Pitches

         Chris Young is one of the more interesting players in baseball.  For starters, he is 6' 10".  Young played both baseball and basketball at Princeton.  Both an incredible athlete and regarded as one of the brighter minds in the game, Young has had a really good, long career despite a fastball that rarely hits 90 on the gun.  In an era where we are all amazed by guys lighting up the radar gun, Young's style is as interesting as he is.  While his stuff may impact his thoughts below, Young's words have meaning regardless of what you bring to the mound.

        The specific part of Young's quote that I'd like to focus on is, "It's a function of making good pitches."  Young says he doesn't try to strike guys out.  While that may be the case, there are guys who do.  They do so by making good pitches.  One philosophy I've heard a good bit is trying to get a groundball in the first three pitches.  How do you accomplish that?  By making good pitches.  Do you sense a theme here?  When you're on the mound, your job is to make quality pitches.  Everything else, as Young suggests, is a byproduct.  Getting out of jams, having a good first inning, keeping your team in the game, winning, etc. are all results made possible by making good pitches.  It's a great reminder as high school teams get geared up for playoff runs.  Making that playoff run as deep as possible will happen for the teams who are able to make good pitches like they have all year long.


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